My Interior Design Journey: Living Design Laboratories

Diane Burcz headshotBefore I began practicing interior design, I had another career (in addition to being a wife and mother). After I earned my MBA at Carnegie Mellon where I met my husband, Doug, I worked for NCR in HR and Corporate Benefit Planning.

Why interior design? My family and I have moved a lot and I’ve had the opportunity – born of necessity – to use my own homes as living design laboratories. Whether a temporary apartment or a home, I understand about customizing spaces to fit the aesthetic and needs of my family. I’ve been able to use my own homes – whether a 1970s home in Boulder, a 1920s Prairie Style home in Berkeley, or a 1940s mid-century modern home in Newton – as design laboratories that help me relate to my clients. They are like puzzles to solve – whether big or small. Of course, when we moved, I was always on the look-out for fixer-uppers – the reason for the temporary apartments!

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